Friday, July 17, 2009


Big Brother 11 by » We are going back to High School!

Big Brother 11 by » We are going back to High School!

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Thursday, February 07, 2008


Big Brother 9 returns early

CBS will bring back Big Brother 9 on February 12th due to the WGA strike.

Trashwire will cover the whole season in our NEW Big Brother section.

Visit to check it out.

Sunday, August 05, 2007


Please, do me a favor!

To anyone and everyone who might read this...

This week's America's Player asks who Eric should promise to take to the final two.

Please BB fans, vote for Kail!!!

If Eric promises Kail he'll take her to the final two, word will get out that he's in an alliance with Kail. This time, it won't just be Dick and Danielle who suspect him and all the speculation on tonight's episode that Eric was the secret member of the Mrs. Robinson alliance will be confirmed.

Eric will be voted out and we won't have to watch this lame ass douche ever again!

Eric is a liar, a loser, and a wannabe of Nick. He actually said on tonight's episode "Nick thinks he can be bros with all the guys and then flirt with all the girls in the house. I'm actually the one doing that." Eric is neither "bros" with any of the guys or a flirt with the girls. He is a lame ass and he needs to go!

Please vote Kail in this week's America's Player question so Eric will finally go home!!!

Click here to vote or text 8 to 81818 ($.99 per text message). Voting closes at midnight Pacific.

Friday, June 29, 2007


Big Brother 8 Blog Up Now!

Years ago, CBS debuted a new reality series called Big Brother. Back then, the cast was older, the show was more interactive, high-speed internet access was rare, and the live-feeds were tiny, grainy images of a chicken coop for most of the day.

Since then, the show has evolved into a summer guilty pleasure with eye-candy abound. Though there have been new twists in the game (the Power of Veto), new architecture in the house (the addition of a second story and HoH suite) and new houseguests to compete (hotties like Kaysar from BB6 and BB7), the show remains the most real of reality tv.

Unlike most reality shows, which are completely at the mercy of their editors, Big Brother offers something different: a live internet feed from inside the house. This allows viewers to watch all the plotting, strategizing, and back-stabbing that takes place during an average day in the house as it's happening. These live feeds are what make the show so much better than other "reality" programs like Survivor or The Real World.

Big Brother also has one of the most dedicated fan communities on the web. BB fans are up at all house, watching the feeds, taking screen caps, summarizing any updates, and discussing their favorite alliances. While it may not exactly be Monday Night Football, fans of this show are more into it than any die-hard arm-chair-quarterback.

I've been a fan of Big Brother since the first season and I only missed one episode due to a huge storm that passed through my neighborhood and knocked out the power.

Last year, I started a blog for Big Brother All-Stars, my dream season, featuring some of my favorite players from seasons past. That blog became pretty popular, and I've decided to go for it again this year with Big Brother 8.

This new blog will feature updates, commentary, links and even a few screencaps or YouTube videos from this season and maybe even from past seasons too.

Keep checking back here to see what's cookin' in the BB house!


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Wednesday, September 13, 2006


The Chill Town Dynasty

Mike Boogie Wins BB7!

The past few days in the Big Brother house have been completely irrelevant to me. I cancelled the feeds after Janelle’s eviction, so I had no real idea what had been going on in the house and hadn’t done many updates in a little while. I just couldn’t stand the idea of watching two horrible losers make out all day long. Gross!

Tonight was finale night for Big Brother 7 All-Stars, marking the official end of summer. The show began by talking about evicted houseguests, with an extra long section about Janelle. Who could blame them, she and Kaysar are the most popular houseguests in the history of the show! Anyway, the show progressed with more boring filler and then we finally got to the jury questioning.

I was undecided about who I hoped would win during most of their boring and rehearsed answers. Erika tried to take credit for nearly every eviction in the game and dubbed herself the new puppetmaster. Everyone knows the only real puppetmaster is Will, so that entire little speech was irrelevant. Erika also tried to pathetically dismiss her lame non-strategy by reminding everyone that the floating game got her right to the end. The jury all looked ill as she tried to BS her way through each question.

I was still undecided until Boogie answered Danielle’s question. Danielle thought she’d be clever and cutting by asking Boogie why he betrayed her after telling her he was her Jason for this season. For those of you who didn’t see season 3, Jason, the religious virgin, formed an alliance with Danielle very early on in the game and they were completely honest with each other, landing them both very close to the prize. Danielle finished in second place that season and a lot of that was due to Jason having her back. Danielle was upset this season because apparently Boogie had promised her a similar deal and then backstabbed her in the end. Boogie could have easily given some stupid cliché answer, but instead he called her on her own scheming. He essentially told her, many other people were also promised the honor of being “her Jason” this season and she backstabbed them all, so why was it any different when he did it to her. That was a great point and I was actually very impressed that he pointed that out to someone on the jury. I think it really put Danielle in her place and made the jury realize that they were all in the sequester house for one reason: they were outplayed by Chill Town.

Even though Erika tried to take credit for every strategic move that Will and Boogie made, it was clear to all the evictees that the real reason they had been outplayed was because Chill Town is an unstoppable force in the game. Mike made a point to mention that he and Will entered the game as a team and loudly proclaimed their alliance from day one, yet everyone avoided targeting them and it lead them right into the final four. It was completely true. Everyone in that jury house was there because they didn’t remove Chill Town when the had the chance and it bit them in the ass later on. It was true, Chill Town just played a better game.

We were almost ready for the votes to be read, everyone put their key in the box and then Julie brought out the first evicted houseguests from this season. The only important one was Kaysar, though Jase’s comments are always amusing. Kaysar, who had been allowed to watch the shows, told Janelle and Howie about James entering the game with a “chip on his shoulder” and quickly turning on his one time teammates. Then, to confirm that James was a total traitor to the group, BB played a video clip of James saying that he was going after Janelle and calling her fat and other harsh names. Janelle seemed a bit shocked, but handled it in an amusing backhanded way. She said that James’ attitude didn’t surprise her because he’s always been “such a whiner”, which is completely true. The best part was that after she said that and James gave his little response, Kaysar (whose luscious locks are growing back nicely) looked at James like he wanted to punch him in the face. It was hot because it was Kaysar, but also really entertaining because I was waiting for someone from BB6 to realize what a traitor James was and feel like kicking his ass.

Even better than that was BB finally exposing Boogie’s mean comments about Erika (which I addressed earlier in this blog). Alison said she wanted to tell Erika that she had been played like a common whore by Mike all season long. Julie offered just that opportunity by allowing Alison to talk to the final two houseguests. Alison said, “Erika, I hope you use that money to buy yourself some dignity.” Erika looked on like Alison was just being bitchy…. Until they played Boogie’s diary room footage! They began with Erika describing how much she liked Boogie and how she had “met her mate in the Big Brother house.” Then they cut to Boogie in the dairy room calling his relationship with Erika a ho-mance and saying “America now knows that Erika is, in fact, a ho!” Her smile began to sink as the footage rolled on. When it finally stopped, she looked down at the floor, perhaps finally realizing that Boogie had been playing her the whole time and had no interest in a real relationship with her. While my hatred for Boogie is, in his words, strong to quite strong, my hatred for Erika is almost immeasurable so this was totally hilarious for me. The girl whored herself thinking that she had found love only to find out on national television that Boogie was not into her at all. The sound of her ego bubble bursting was almost audible.

Finally the winner was announced and, with a 6-1 victory, Boogie took home the championship. I hate to say it, but he really did play a great game. This season was truly one of the apprentice outwitting the master and Boogie did just that. He learned from Dr. Will and he managed to get all the way to the end. This proves that Chill Town is a real BB dynasty, the ultimate alliance. The reason is that they never double-crossed each other through out the entire game. Every other group, most notably the BB6 alliance, suffered enough dissention and insecurity that they collapsed upon themselves. Chill Town really did play the game better than anyone else, and that’s exactly why that alliance has produced two winners.

Anyway, with the BB season at a close, I just want to say thanks to everyone who read this blog and to all those who create, write for, transcribe, manage and visit all the countless BB sites out there. Thanks to Hamster Watch and Joker’s but a special thanks to Morty’s TV and BB Chat, my two favorite BB sites.

I’ll see you guys next year for BB8!

In the meantime, check out TRASHWIRE.COM!

Thursday, September 07, 2006


Skeletor and Booger

That's all she wrote BB fans. Horrible Erika threw the HoH competition to that awful wigger Mike Boogie and Janelle was evicted. It looks like no one the fans like will ever win the show. I'm over BB and I don't know if I'm even going to watch the finale. The only reason I would watch it is to check out Kaysar one last time. 

Next year's BB will be a brand new crew of back stabbers and liars. I don't know if I'll even watch it. All-Stars was supposed to be the best season because it was the toughest players. Instead, the final two are two losers who have played sidekick to their stronger counterparts. Sad. 

For now, we'll just have to relive the good old days of BB on YouTube. By the way, thanks to all those people who have posted BB videos from the shows and the feeds. Also, thanks to BB Chat and Morty's TV for all the updates, screencaps and chats.

Anyway, you can check out TV and movie reviews on TRASHWIRE.COM, that's what I'll be working on for the time being.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006


Big Boy Gets a Bad Rap

I had to re-watch last night's episode because when I originally saw it, I was so excited and shocked that Dr. Will was getting voted out that I pretty much forgot the rest. I wanted to address Howie's behavior in the sequester house and how CBS is making Howie out to be a horrible bully.

First of all, I agree with most of you that Howie picking on Chicken George was uncalled for. George is just a sweet, dimwitted old guy and it's wrong for Howie to lay into him so hard. At the same time, it was George who struck first when he stabbed Howie in the back by nominating him and letting Boogie make sure Howie was evicted. Howie trusted George and I think he has a right to be pissed about what happened. He was betrayed by George and he wanted to let George know that he was angry about it. In that respect, that's why there are cameras at the sequester house: so that all the scorned house guests can continue to battle each other and we can all watch.

Despite Howie's immature behavior, I don't think he should be made out to be some big bully. Howie has been a really cool guy, a loyal friend to Kaysar and Janie, and one of the funniest guys in the house this season and people are so quick to forget about why we all like Howie as soon as he starts getting out of control. CBS and Gretchen Massey from House Calls bash Howie endlessly and it's just not accurate. Howie is a good guy, just look at the tapes from the past two seasons, he's just hurt and he doesn't know how to deal with it so he acts all crazy and aggressive. I think what Jase said on House Calls today was really true about Howie: he feels like his life is over now that he's out of the game. Jase has always said that season 6 was in trouble from the start of the game because they took it way too seriously. They hadn't ben out of the house long enough, so the game was their life for the past few years. Others had time to unwind and think about things in between their seasons and All-Stars. For Howie, the prospect of being out of BB6 and now out of All-Stars might be the most terrifying thing in his life. Now he's mad and he wants to unleash all his rage on the person who he thinks ruined his life, the one that nominated him, George. It's really no surprise. Nearly everyone has had a breakdown of some kind during this season.

So why are people dumping on Howie so much? I admit that he has definitely done some things he'll probably regret, and at times he's behaved like a big overgrown 10 year old, but (incase everyone forgot) that's Howie! That's the guy we loved in season 6, the guy people voted back in the house, the guy we laughed at! I expected this kind of fair-weather fan-ship in American Idol, but people are usually more loyal to their BB favorites. How can you vote Howie back in because he's big and obnoxious and loud and then fault him for being he's big and obnoxious and loud? The only problem is that Howie has carried his "character" too far. Where as before he was big and obnoxious and loud to the people we hated, now he'd just that way to everyone.

So all you former Howie fans that have turned on him, just remember, he's the same Howie you once loved so much, he's just and extreme version of himself right now.

(Thanks to Morty's TV for the screen cap)

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